About Island Tribe

Africa’s No1 Sun Defense

The Island Tribe brand was launched in 1992 with the aim of providing a waterproof sun protection to surfers and other water sport enthusiasts. The range consisted of one product only, the Island Tribe Clear Gel, which to this day has been unrivalled by competition for water resistance. The brand is now distributed in 25 countries worldwide.

Island Tribe is a clinical and heavily researched sun protection brand that specialises in sport and lifestyle sunscreens. We not talking just regular sunscreens from your local supermarket, Island Tribe formulas are designed for each specific user in mind. Island Tribe sunscreens are researched and developed by leading sunscreen laboratories in both South Africa and Australia, alongside professionals in the industry, to ensure that the formulas developed are world class.

Island Tribe sunscreens are designed to give the user maximum protection against both UVA and UVB rays, more than this, the specific formula will stay on your skin for the duration of your activity. Many brands claim to have water resistant sunscreens. Then you read the first ingredient and it says “Aqua”! Good one. We’ve learnt that a water-base in water is not the best way to have a long lasting water-specific sunscreen. Finally, our product will not pollute the ocean like a water based sunscreen.