Sunblock Reviews and Testimonials

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Joel Gray – Surf Coach

“I spend much of the year in the sun and elements and so sun protection is a key factor for me, especially with my geordie skin tones. Island tribe is the best most effective sun protection that I have used and I recommend it to everyone that I coach. It is better than the competiton because fundamentally it is different, what with it being gel based. Where as other products claim they are water proof I rarely find this the case after a couple of hours of surfing. With Island tribe it stays on your face during even the longest surfs, is clear and invisible and extremely effective at 40spf.”

Joel Gray (Surf Coach) uses Island TribeJoel runs Surf Solutions which is a high level coaching set up. Based mainly out of France they put on coaching weeks for the top UK surfers and upcoming Juniors. As well as France, projects happen in Portugal, the UK, Hawaii and Australia. Joel also does private coaching and tuition for novices and in fact total beginners during the summer in Hossegor, France.
He is also part of the Alliance snowboarding ( set up, which is the only English speaking dedicated snowboard school in the Espace Killy (Tignes / Val D’Isere) during the main winter months.

Nick Thorn – Ironman

“Island Tribe is by far the best sunblock, the fact it doesn’t sting your eyes in the water is the main reason I use it, over and above it’s phenomenal protection factor”

Nick Thorn (Iron Man) sponsored by Island TribeSuper Ironman Nick uses Island Tribe throughout the year and on all his travels. Nick says ’Island Tribe is by far the best sunblock, the fact it doesn’t sting your eyes in the water is the main reason I use it, over and above it’s phenomenal protection factor’

Nick has been the top uk Iron Man for the past seven years now. Since 1993 Nick has competed at the highest level in New Zealand, South Africa and Australia. He is a NARS Professional Lifeguard, Level 2 British Surfing Coach, Level 3 Surf Life Saving Coach, Sports Coach UK Advanced Level Coach and Surf Life Saving Association of GB National Coach.

Having worked as a Surf Instructor, running a surf school, on Woolacombe Beach for quite some time now, Nick has helped hundreds of people get into the water and up to their feet, catching their first wave through individual and group surf tuition.
Nick started his career as a competitive swimmer, representing the West of England Swimming Team in Luxembourg from 1994 to 1996. Nick also represented South West Schools 3 times and Devon on several occasions.

From this he progressed into Surf Lifesaving & Ironman events, whilst all the while remaining a keen and competitive surfer.
Nick competed at the Professional Lifeguard Oceanfest, Hawaii 1999, winning Gold Medal in the Open board race, and Bronze medals in surf swim and in the run-swim-run event.

Denise Austin – Pro Beach Volleyballer

“Once you use it, you will never use anything else, it’s that simple!”

Denise Austin (Beach Volleyball) uses Island TribeIn my capacity as a pro beach volleyball player I have always looked for a sunblock that says what it does. Island Tribe is phenomenal skin protection and it does not sting your eyes.

Whenever I am coaching at my Academy of Beach Sports I drum it into everyone’s heads how important sun protection is and I would recommend only one product, Island Tribe SPF 40. Once you use it, you will never use anything else, it’s that simple!


Dave Ibby – Kite Surfer

“Superb product, great value, gives real piece of mind and it lasts ages. I would highly recommend it and will certainly be using it on all my future trips.. Thanks a lot, Dave Ibby”

Dave Ibby (Kite Surf) uses ITDave Ibby is a Pro Kitesurfer for North Kiteboarding and Technique Editor for Kitesurf Magazine UK, taking him around the World to some of the best kite surfing locations, recently retuning from Kenya where Dave tested the Island Tribe clear gel protection for the first time. This is what he had to say about our product.

“I’ve really struggled over the years of competing, testing and doing various shoots in hot locations to find a sun cream that does the job for someone like me. I am pretty useless at covering up, hate coming off the water to re-apply sunscreen if I’m having a good session and don’t like waiting for a product to take effect before heading out. Most I’ve tried don’t last or are just no good for kite surfing and run into my eyes which is just the worst in bright conditions or in the waves.”

“I tried the 40 Island Tribe clear gel whilst in Kenya recently which is a pretty hardcore climate and it was without doubt the best sun cream I have used. There was no waiting once applied and one application lasted easily all day whilst out on the water. This was my third time in Kenya and was the first time that I hadn’t burnt, which in 40+ degrees is saying something!”

Philip Maddox – Army

“If Island Tribe was to offer the Armed Forces this product as the sole provider of reliable sun block (especially in the countries where they are fighting a hot war in Afghanistan and Iraq) then I am positive that the numbers of sunburn casualties not only in UK but in these hot war zones would be greatly reduced.”

Army. Be the best.I embarked on an adventure in August 2007 to ski mountaineer up to the summit of Mount Shishapangma (8047m) in Tibet. This was an Army expedition and would have been the first British Team to summit had we have been successful.

However, high up in the Himalayas and high on the Tibetan Plateau we reached altitudes of up to 7050m before being forced to retreat due to heavy snow fall and the amount of snow and the subsequent high avalanche dangers.

High up in the Himalayas the sun is extremely strong and full of harmful UV rays that burn the exposed skin up to 10 times quicker than at sea level. This is where Island Tribe sun block cam into it’s own. This sun protection product protected every one of the team that used it. Not one single member of the expedition was treated to sunburn and this was purely 100% attributed to the use of Island Tribe Sun Protection Factor 40+

The expedition was working at high altitudes for almost 8 weeks, during this time there was a need to use Island Tribe sun protection almost every day, even during the heavy snow fall the sun was beating through and attacking any exposed skin with a risk of being sunburned and having to be sent back to base camp and eventually of the mountain due to injury was definitely not on any ones agenda.

Every one of the team highly recommends this product and would/is still using this product today. Since returning from the Himalayas I have recently competed in the World Cup Telemark skiing event, in Europe and Scandinavia. The Great Britain Team used Island Tribe Sun Protection Factor 40+ during this event and yet again not one member of the Great Britain Ski Telemark Ski Team was ever caught out by sunburn and this is once again totally attributable to the use of Island Tribe.

I now work at a very busy Mountain Training Centre, we train and assess future expedition leaders and continue to lead expeditions ourselves. I would happily continue to use Island Tribe and continue to recommend all members of the Mountain Training Centre and the students that pass through our gates weekly to use this product.

I know I will continue to use this product.
Many thanks for such an excellent and reliable sun block.
Philip Maddox – Warrant Officer Army Physical Training Corps British Army

Matt Crowhurst – Wakeboarder / Presenter

Matt Crowhurst (Wakeboarder) uses Island Tribe“I’m in the sun all day everyday and combine this with being near the water as well as in and out of it so having Island tribe to hand is a must. I don’t want to spend anytime in doors when the sun is out and being able to just wear boardies all day long with out fear of burning is definitely the way to live in the summer months”




Kirsty Jones – Kite Surfer

“If I had to take one thing away with me out of all my cosmetics (and thats saying something!) it would be Island Tribe!”

Kirsty Jones (Surfer/Kitesurf) uses Island TribeI wanted to say a big thank you for the Island Tribe products. Even though I think I visited the countries with the strongest sun this winter I’m happy to say I didn’t burn once using Island Tribe. It was so nice being able to go on the water for 3 hours and not worrying about having to reapply suntan lotion or getting it in my eyes!



Matt Sayer – PTI

“I have no hesitation in recommending this product, and feel it is far superior than any similar product I have been issued whilst serving in the military.”

ARMY Be the bestI am the chief instructor of the Guards Adventure Training Wing, based in North Devon. We are a Level 2 Adventurous Training Unit, Administered by the Adventure Training Group (Army) and as such offer Adventure Training to a wide variety of Army Units.

Most recently I was asked to lead an expedition to the Drakensburg Mountains in South Africa by the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. As a result of this I was asked if I would be happy to trial Island Tribe SPF 30+ Sun Block. I readily agreed that the Group would put it through its paces.

The Expedition was to cover arduous terrain travelling 80kms in 4 Days in 30°C+, so I knew this sun block would have to be good. Each member of the group was given a tube and asked to apply it in the morning and see how it held up. Well it certainly lived up to and surpassed any expectations I had. The group also found it to last much longer without re-application than any of the sun creams (including some factor 60 for the fairer skinned in the group) that had been brought, and soon discarded.

All in all the Sun block did what it said on the tin, it lasted longer, protected, and according to the experts is healthier. I will personally be using it myself in future and the rest of the group assures me they will.

Since arriving back in the UK, I have been on a personal snowboarding holiday, well it got the thumbs up there as well. Not only as Sun Protection, but it also kept down the wind-burn as well. Being in down-to -26 degree conditions in the French Alps this was a big help. All in all I have no hesitation in recommending this product, and feel it is far superior than any similar product I have been issued whilst serving in the military.

Sgt Matt Sayer (Coldstream Guards) – Chief Instructor GATW

Duncan Scott – Surfer

Duncan Scott (Surfer) uses Island TribeWorld surf tripper Duncan Scott knows all about getting burnt… Duncans pursuits takes him between his native South Africa, to Indo and Europe throughout the year and a trip to the Islands if he’s lucky. “Island Tribe is my first choice anyday,” says Duncan, who as an O’Neill Academy Instructor in the summer, swears by Island Tribe’s SPF30+ protection



Capt Dan Thornton – Royal Marines

“After applying it in the morning before patrol, I had total confidence in the product for the rest of the day.”

British Army uses ITI have used Island Tribe my entire life whilst surfing and travelling throughout the world before I joined the Royal Marines. Island Tribe was a life saver when I worked as a Beach Life Guard before joining the Corps where we spent all day exposed to the sun. Although a South African product, I have seen it used by surfers and water enthusiasts worldwide.

Since joining, I continue to use Island Tribe. I took a large supply with me to Iraq last year where it was exceptionally helpful in protecting against the extreme desert sun. After applying it in the morning before patrol, I had total confidence in the product for the rest of the day. I am currently deployed in Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory where it remains an essential part of my every day equipment whilst conducting water borne operations around the island as well as a large number of water sports exposed to the tropical sun.